Arizona: Travel Post

Arizona: Travel Post

Touch down in Phoenix! I had a 3 hour layover in the airport while I waited for my flight to Yuma. The airport was super cute, and had so many nice little shops. I didn’t have a hard time passing my hours. The taco place closed right when I got there, so I had to spring for some fries from the burger place next to it. It was exciting to see the city and mountains.

This is my buddy, Lil Sebastian! Aka my best friend’s dog who will be in many of our photos! He was a rescue, but we are pretty sure he is a Corgi-Jack Russel Mix.

Our first mini- adventure was to Sedona. We stopped by this picture-esk treeline in Dateland. We got some daterolls which were yummy, cause why not?

In case you were wondering, yes he is named after the mini horse in Parks and Rec.

This is literally the view from the patio of our Airbnb. We also lucked out by having no one else book the bnb for the same time.

River on our hike! We kept driving and driving waiting for the red rocks… Kenzie started to wonder if maybe everyone just edited heavily LOL But they came out eventually! We hiked Baldwin Trail, and saw the river. Oak Creek Espresso had tons of gluten-free and allergen friendly snacks, which make me so so happy. And also yummy peppermint tea.

I think this is my favorite, most Arizona-y photo yet.

Next stop, Vegas and then on to Yosemite!