Best Of 2021

Best Of 2021

Happy New Years Eve!

Here are some of my favorite photos from every shoot I had this year! (I don’t think I’m missing any, but it’s hard to say lol)

First shoot of the year was for my gorgeous friend Rachael for her business Refined by Fire Fitness! She is a personal trainer, and is working on acquiring nutrition training.

Kali at Warehouse 100. I’m so proud of these images for being somehow both brighter than I usually shoot and also moody. I loved playing with tones and colors. We pulled inspiration from her Kenyan roots for this creative shoot and I love love love how it turned out.

In April I second shot a wedding with my friend Addie. Weldon and Ninya were so full of love and glowing from the inside out. They radiated with the love of Jesus, it was wonderful to be part of!

I was asked not to share most of the photos from this shoot for the sake of privacy (and got permission for these two), but this last shoot before my surgery was a beautiful one! We had such nice weather and the kiddos were so sweet.

In June I visited Wildflower Lookout to take photos for my parents’ 40th anniversary! The poppies were so stunning to see. This middle shot is one of my favorite photos of the whole year.

Before I headed back to work after my surgery my mom and I went to Bethany Beach for a little trip. I photographed two families while I was there. One of my regulars from back home, and her sister’s family! It was so fun. More beach shoots in the future, please!!

I love photographing these two. They’ve been married over a decade now and have two sweet kiddos. We got the BEST sunset for our sunflower shoot.

This summer was honestly slower than I’m used to for my business. I tried not to stress about it too much, and the fall more than made up for the slowness.

I did some branding photos for my friend Addie for her business Sunrise Mama Wellness! There’s another blog post all about it. We were at Terra Farms in Spring Grove, on the MOST humid night, but you’d never know! She just glows.

Another wedding shot with Addie Dyke Photo! Matt and Liz were so sweet. I adored their intimate gathering at The Inn at Centre Park. It was all kinds of lovely, and you could really tell how much they love each other.

Had a blast with this sweet family. We photographed them to celebrate their son’s first birthday! Can you even handle those blue eyes?! Beautiful.

The first weekend in October my love and I took a little hike in Lancaster, and then went to First Friday. It’s one of my favorite memories from this year. I snapped these couple photos of him then.

In October I was shooting about 3 times a week, plus my day job. It was a busy one. I love capturing maternity photos, the excitement and expectancy of it all. The colors were about 2 weeks behind this year, so I spent some extra time scouting to find this lovely spot. I love the filmy softness to the middle photo above.

Brooke and Angelo are one of my 2022 couples! We had a blast at their engagement shoot. Anytime someone is willing to get into freezing cold water for me, I know we’ll get along.

A note about 2022 weddings: I do still have openings! I usually cap my weddings at 10 for a year, including those I second shoot. This year I’ll most likely cap it before that point because of some other things I have going on, I want to offer my couples my best work. But if you know someone looking, I have spaces available in months other than June and October. Next year is supposed to be crazy busy with weddings, so my heart goes out to all of you trying to plan. And vendors, I’ll be praying for you. lol

I love how free Owen looks on the boardwalk. How Aubrey’s face is filled with joy. And how Levi and Kylie have the same eyes. My regular families are some of my favorite people.

Will is a 2022 Senior. I babysat him. How is he graduating high school?! I must be getting old. We got a great day for his photos! Actually, all of my photoshoot days turned out well. I think I only had one reschedule due to the weather this year. Impressive.

The Quickels. Married 15+ years, 4 wonderful kiddos, dog not pictured. They are lovely and some of the nicest people.

We got rained on for this maternity shoot, but it still turned out beautifully! We even got to use my clear umbrellas!

The Ray family. So glad we rescheduled this shoot from a freezing rainy day to a freezing sunny day. lol I love to see how the girls get along with each other. And yes, I did get better ones of the four of them, but this one makes me smile SO big. It’s one of my favorites from all year. Cause sometimes having little ones is a crazy time of life!

This shoot was so cold, if you look closely you can see the frost on the leaves. But it turned out so nice! And the leaves were particularly nice for November.

Shoots that involve ponies and horses will always top my list. I love the way Frankie and Cora have matching eyes. This was a quick one cause it was WINDY! I love how all of these different things can be happening behind the scenes but you’d never know with how they turned out.

How adorable are these twinsies?! If you haven’t noticed, families are my favorite thing to photograph. I also used to be a nanny, so I’m fairly good with kids. I had no worries about photographing a family of 8. I cannot say enough good things about this sweet family. They made my job easy!

This is an extended family shoot, but my favorites came from these frames in front of the orange trees. The horses. The patriarch and matriarch of the family. Love!

I was patiently awaiting the arrival of this little one (his parents being pictured above in one of my maternity shoots). He came in the middle of a very busy time but I was eager to come see him. I was even more thrilled to see that they wanted to use the turkey outfit I made for his cousin Wynter two years ago! How precious.

Final shoot of the year! I photographed this little one when he was 3 months old. I’m honored that they asked me to take their photos while they were in town visiting family for the holiday. It’s a privilege to photograph people, but feels extra special when they’re coming from out of town. So sweet. Also dogs in shoots, always invite your dog.

Thank you so so much for all of your support. I cannot explain how blessed I feel to get to do this.

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2022!