California Travel Blog

California Travel Blog

Hey hey friends!

Recently on my Instagram I had a poll that asked if you’d like to see more travel photography. 100% said yes! I have been lots of places in my short life, and I am so excited to share them with you! I already have a few travel posts up, so check them out!

Today I’m posting about my trips to California. I’ve been there twice now, and it’s very beautiful!

My friend and I flew into LAX and stopped at The Dog Cafe first thing! It’s this super cute coffee shop that lets you play with adoptable dogs! I could have just done that for the trip and been totally happy. They are even clever enough to have a mocha alternative in case you spill and the dogs lick it up. (Chocolate is not good for dogs)

We stayed near Huntington Beach, CA the first part of this trip. They aren’t joking when they say Cali is lined with palm trees. Things I love about Huntington: the beach, street tacos, proximity to Disney.

We went to both Disneyland parks and LOVED them. Personally, I prefer it to Disney World parks and it feels like you are able to see everything. We saw the Frozen Live show, and ate too many churros.

We drove from Anaheim to San Diego and stopped at any cute beach town we saw. I think my favorite was Laguna (pictured above). This beach had these pebbles that made the most beautiful sound as the waves receded over them.

We went to the San Diego Zoo, which really is the best zoo in America. It was the 100th anniversary the year we went which was really cool. It was also the 60th Disneyland anniversary so we picked a good year! Both places had special events to celebrate.

La Jolla is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, hands down. The seals are so neat to watch sleep and swim. (But don’t be fooled, they smell terrible in the middle of the summer.. I’m always surprised how no one mentions that)

A few things I love about San Diego: there is this cute store called Pigment, the weather, The Zoo and Sea World.

Around this point in the trip I was really missing my dog back home. To remedy this we went to the dog beach at Ocean Beach. Yep, that’s the name, I guess you run out of titles when you have so many beaches. We made so many furry friends.

Have any of you seen the old Marilyn Monroe movie Some Like it Hot? Well, Coronado Beach and the Hotel Del Coronado is where it was filmed! It’s a really nice beach and the sand has gold sparkly flecks in it. This was our final stop on this particular California trip.

More recently, this past summer, we discovered a place called Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Specifically, this is June lake! We fell in love. How could you not?

We didn’t see much of Yosemite National Park because of the wildfires. That statement makes me laugh cause we actually spent about an hour driving from one end to the other, what we didn’t see was the falls or get to hike. We did actually see LOTS of Yosemite.

Hello San Francisco! Can you see the Golden Gate under there? This cracks me up so much. I’ve wanted to see San Fran forever! (Anyone else grow up on Monk and Full House?) Honestly, I fully expected it to be foggy like this, I’ve heard it’s like that a lot. Managing my expectations helped me not be disappointed.

Tiny cabin in Hornbrook, CA, pretty much the northernmost you can get in the state! I saw a jackrabbit outside of the cabin in the morning. It was so peaceful. But we also could have probably gotten killed and no one would ever know.

That is the extent of my California travels! I love the scenery and diverse landscape. I also really enjoy how special diet friendly they are; it’s so easy to find gluten free! I’ll probably post more in detail about my most recent visits when I make my West Coast road trip blog post. Stay tuned for that!