Derr Twins & Family

Derr Twins & Family


I had the wonderful opportunity this past Sunday (as you may have read on Instagram) to meet this sweet family. Funny story: the parents and I actually went to college at the same place + same time, we just didn’t know each other! Hannah and I connected through Instagram as I followed along with Ava’s story. The internet can be pretty cool sometimes!


Hannah and Garrett are parents to three precious girls! Ava who is 18 mos, and Hadley + Ella 3 mos. I’m very impressed at catching all eyes on me in this photo!


How sweet are those pink bows? Hadley is rocking her brunette hair, and Ella in the Blonde.


Big sister, Ava Grace, is a miracle baby (not unlike other babies) who was born at just 28 weeks. She was teeny tiny, but clearly is now thriving!!


Hannah and Garrett have decorated the girls’ rooms so beautifully. They are a place of sweet peace (well maybe not all of the time ;))

Hadley (left) and Ella (right)



Family is so sweet!


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