Hello! I am still trying to get used to my new blog, so many tests will happen! (how many times have I said that already?) A few years back I went to England! It was on my top three must see countries in the world. (The other two are Ireland and Australia, btw) To introduce you to my travel tab, here are some of my favorite shots! I love to travel! If you have an occasion you want me to photograph, don’t hesitate to ask!

In October I was fully expecting cool fall weather. Nope! We got blessed with blue skies and 70 degree weather all week. We were over dressed, but excited that it wasn’t grey.

This was a funny accident. Trying to find our way out of Westminster Abbey, we found this beautiful roadway. It ended up being one of my favorite photographs from the trip.

This quiche was delicious! It was not, however, chicken. Our poor server was Danish, I believe, and she thought this yummy ham and cheese was “Uhh chicken?”. We got to see the WWI memorial. Each hand placed ceramic poppy stood for a fallen soldier. The beauty was astounding. This is at London Tower.

I highly recommend doing the day and night experience of The Eye! It’s a much shorter line at night time, but the views are totally different. For those afraid of heights, you are in a completely enclosed pod (it feels like a big room) that is air conditioned. I didn’t feel that I was going to fall at any point.  Classic tourist photo. Gotta take my Starbucks global!  Windsor was gorgeous! A definite highlight of the trip. I found this sweet secret garden that was in what used to be the castle moat.  Fish and chips, please!This one is in here just cause it’s so silly. Also what a baby I was at 20 years old! Also Stonehenge. This is the only day it drizzled a little. And finally, a flower from Jane Austen’s garden.


Grace Evans

GE Photography