Kelly’s Headshots – Mill Creek Preserve

Kelly’s Headshots – Mill Creek Preserve

Hello friends!

Wow, does it feel good to be shooting again! In Pennsylvania, our precautions have been pretty tight, but about two weeks ago we were released to shoot outdoors. Yay!

I’m always super excited when someone asks me to take their photos. I met Kelly a few months ago when I started attending a young adult group at her church. She was the first person I met there (which I’m pretty sure is her job, but we won’t hold that against her ;)). I didn’t get to attend for very long before the shut down orders, BUT our weekly virtual get-together has proved to be so life giving during this time.

Now that things are easing back into a more normal rhythm, Kelly was my first shoot back at it! She’s an actress, and was recently in a local commercial! Excited to see how her new headshots can help book more opportunities.

This was the point when we bumped into my lady doctor, which gave us a good laugh. And then the clouds went in front of the sun to get a last few beautiful shots!