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Hello! It's me!

Good afternoon friends!

It feels so weird to be starting from scratch on a new blog. I'm a little sad about losing my last one, but still hoping I can recover some of the content. I am also excited to be starting a new journey with this website and excited to see where it takes us!

brunette woman and spring flowers
On my birthday a couple years ago!

Let's start with a little about me. I've been a photographer for 13 years, but just started my journey into forming an LLC to become a real official business! If I'm being honest (and I always strive to be), I've always wanted to be a "real" photographer, and sometimes deal with imposter syndrome. It just seems like everyone is really killing it these days! But then I take a moment to look at all that I've accomplished and learned in the last 13 years, and I am so, so proud of myself. I've really come a long way!

When I was a kid I used to dress up our boxer and have photoshoots with her. I would use up all of my film the day it was given to me. I am oh so thankful we are in the digital age now, but often still use film! I shoot with my grandpa's old SLR and a few instant film cameras as well. I've thought about adding those as options to my photoshoots, so let me know if that would interest you!

woman in library
Visiting the public library in Nashville

If we were becoming new friends (and I hope that we are!), I would probably suggest we go somewhere for coffee, or invite you to my home. I would tell you that I just got married in October, still pretty excited about that! I'd want you to know that I'm a dog person, a Christian, an avid reader, a writer. My current friends would describe me as kind, giving, and protective. I'll be your biggest supporter, and definitely the mom-friend.

I spend a lot of time taking photos. Both because I love to create something beautiful, and because I love to have a visual hard drive of memories! Our new little house already has lots of art and photos around. It makes me very happy!

My hubby & I during our anniversary/engagement photos!

two dogs, brown and black
Dexter & Daisy our boxer babies!

Ocean and sunset warm colors
Bethany Beach, DE

And I shall close with a few of my favorite things - my husband, our dogs, and the beach.

Thanks for reading!


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