Remembering Grandpa Paules

Remembering Grandpa Paules

Earlier this summer Rachael reached out to me to take some photos for her family. She is a dear friend of mine, and I’ve photographed them many times. She had a special request to get some photos of her dad and her daughters before he was to start chemotherapy. It was an easy yes for me.

We looked at our schedules and picked the soonest day we could, that Saturday.

Eden, Rory, and their Peepaw. Rachael told me he always wanted granddaughters.

The day we took these, we had known he had cancer, but it wasn’t staged yet.

God blessed us with a beautiful day!

This photo includes Rachael’s Mom as a bride; she passed away 2 years ago.

Together from this shoot beside Rachael and Greg at her wedding almost 5 years ago.

Every shoot I do is special to me. I don’t question my job being important because I’ve seen over and over how people look to photos after someone is gone, or when life gets hard. It was a complete honor to do these photos for one of my best friends at the end of her dad’s life. Greg passed just shy of 6 weeks after we took these. I’m so thankful I got to be a small part of these memories and that they will have them forever.