Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Hello friends!

So sorry I’ve been out of touch the last couple of weeks. Our sweet little abode in Washington does not have wifi! We are surviving, don’t worry. I finally found some time to come down to the little Starbucks down the street for some interneting.

This is my oatmilk latte from QED coffee. I don’t really know why they chose that name or anything about the little cafe other than it was warm on a dreary day. We stood in line at the Space Needle for a while and then decided to go get coffee cause we were cold and they were having electrical issues. We came back an hour or so later and it was all resolved. I enjoyed the Space Needle, it was smaller and shorter than I imagined. You really have to look for it in the skyline. But the views were nice once you’re up there. It’s 500some feet up. And they have caramel corn, so that’s fun.

It was very grey that morning, and my photos clearly reflect that. It’s kind of funny, we’ve only had about 2 rainy days since I’ve been here 2 and a half weeks. I’m a little disappointed, as a rain lover. It’s actually been warm, dry, and sunny.

Next stop was Chihully Garden and Glass. It was pretty cool, but I probably wouldn’t pay just to see it. We got the 3-in-1 tickets that included this, the Space Needle, and the Woodland Park Zoo. Chihully was pretty small, I think it took us 15 minutes to look through. The giftshop was very impressive and had lots of neat, unique things.

 This was my favorite of the glass exhibits.

It’s right by the Space Needle!

Mixtures of natural and glass beauty.

When Kenzie got off of her first day of orientation we picked her up and went down to Pike’s Place Market. It was way more market-like than I expected. Lots of stalls close together in very tight isles. It was also much bigger than I anticipated.

It’s very pretty, but definitely not for those afraid of crowds! It’s at the bottom of a steep hill, and has rough roads. I really enjoyed my time there exploring all of the vendors.

My companions for the day, Megan and Kenzie, taking turns holding our huge bouquet.

We walked all the way to the farris wheel. Lots of walking that day!

That’s about it for my Seattle post! The Big Wheel was fun and had some nice views. You go around at least 3 times which was a nice surprise (more depending on how they unload). It’s a lovely city, huge and very spread out, and there is literally coffee everywhere you turn. I did end up going to the very first Starbucks just to get a Pike’s Place mug, (I collect them) but I definitely did not get a drink. They were very, very packed and it’s a small store. I was glad to get out of there! Megan and Kenzie grabbed the car from the garage while I was there and picked me up.

I head home in 4 days!!! You can expect more travel posts soon.