St. Thomas Travel Blog

St. Thomas Travel Blog

Hello everyone!

Crazy times we’ve found ourselves in, huh? I decided while I have some time at home I’d catch up on some blogging! I know travel is not a good idea right now, but I trust it will be safe again eventually!

My Mom and I try to take a trip together once every Winter to escape the cold. This year we took it early, which turned out to be a huge blessing! We went to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The water around the islands was so clear and aqua blue from the shore! Our favorite was Coki Beach, but they were all just as beautiful.

Just past Coki Beach is a little aquarium called Coral World Ocean Park. I’d recommend it most if you’re planning on of their excursions like the Sea Trek or swimming with a dolphin! I got to do the latter and met a sweet blind dolphin named Noelani. It was probably the highlight of the whole trip. They also had green sea turtles you could see pretty closely!

We stayed at the Margarittaville resort, and it definitely made our trip much more comfortable. We had our own little kitchen area, living space, and a balcony. The resort also had its own beach that was uncrowded and pleasant to enjoy.

On our last trip out we went to Havensite Mall, and Paradise Point. The view of the islands from up there was unreal.

Our trip had its challenges, which I think is always true when you’re adjusting to a different culture. The way on the island is different than the hustle and bustle, and timeliness we’re used to in America. But overall it was an amazing trip seeing such a beautiful tropical area!