Sunrise Mama Wellness – Branding Shoot

Sunrise Mama Wellness – Branding Shoot

Hello blog world!

Remember when I said I was going to blog more this year? LOL Whoops! It’s not too late, and I am so excited about this post and sharing all about this business with you. It’s raining hard outside, I’m sipping on a chai tea latte with Gilmore Girls in the background. I guess you could say I’m ready for fall. It’s going to be a packed season again. I cannot wait! I always feel so nostalgic in the fall, ready to make memories, and spend lots of time outside. Please bring on the cooler weather.

Addie and I met when I started watching her oldest child while she was working at the hospital. The whole family has become dear friends of mine since then (+one more baby). I’m really thankful for the work she’s doing to change the narrative around women’s health, especially as someone who has experienced a lot of medical gaslighting and delayed treatment. I love the positivity she is encouraging, and am glad to see people make some noise so that things improve. Okay, let’s get into the interview!

First off, please tell us a little about yourself!

 Hi, I’m Addie! I am “Mommy” to two of the worlds’ most amazing humans and I am blessed to be able to call my high school sweetheart my husband of almost 12 years! I have been gifted the experiences of working in clinical research, registered nursing school, birth doula training, and several nurse herbalist classes! 
Some of my most favorite things are being outside enjoying nature with my family and friends, dancing around in every sort of way, and creating plant medicine tinctures & salves with herbs!

Your business is Sunrise Mama Wellness, what exactly do you do/offer?

I guide women to step into the power of their beautiful internal rhythm through every stage of life through empowerment and education! We work together to discover deep self-love through cycle-phase awareness, positive affirmations, and phase-specific focus to engage and restore the mind; through sharing cycle phase-specific foods, exercises, vital nutrients, and cycle-tracking awareness to engage and restore the body; and through body work, meditation, prayer, and mindful exercises to engage and restore the spirit. 

What makes you passionate about women’s health?

Unfortunately, women of reproductive age are often significantly neglected in our current model of healthcare and overall research. Anywhere from being completely dismissed and belittled when discussing their personal health concerns, to being overprescribed treatments and pharmaceuticals to completely mute or “turn off” their bodies natural processes. Women of reproductive age are also not included in many research trials due the “complicated hormone patterns” and “the liability of possibility pregnancy” (when not using hormonal birth control methods). It is like nothing else, to watch that power slowly come back to the woman! I love watching that light turn back on, and getting to experience with them their new desires to grow and create! Every single woman, at every stage of life, has the ability to create something new from nothing! How amazing is that? When women are able to tap into that internal rhythm they are able to nourish themselves well from the inside out WITHOUT any help from outside sources and they have been able to create some pretty amazing things for themselves!

Author’s note: We had our shoot at the lovely Terra Farms in Spring Grove, Pa!

If you could go back and tell 15 year old Addie something, what would it be?

Appreciate and honor your periods. Using that bleeding time as a time to dig deep internally, it will not be there forever. Each ovulation you experience is a “deposit” into your overall “bank” of longevity and wellness! Appreciate such as a gift! Your period is not supposed to be painful. Your period is not a curse. Your period is way more than just a PERIOD, it is a literal portal into the depths of your true feminine wisdom; connecting us to our ancestors and our inner knowledge! Appreciate and listen to your body.  Your mind may not know what to do during each phase of life, but your body does… trust it!

What do you think is one of the biggest ways women are misinformed or under informed about our bodies?

A lot of us are taught at a young age that our mind and hearts are “flawed” and we should ignore our internal guidance. Many women are often taught to just push through pain and discomforts of menstruation and accept this as just being “normal”. Women are often belittled or looked at as being “emotional” or “hormonal”; so in turn many of these women STOP listening to their internal guidance and even forget about it completely, shutting down that precious gift! Most women are also taught at a young age, the way they look is more important than the way they feel. The way women are presented in media and movies is loaded into our subconscious, and we create this image of what our body is “supposed” to look like as young girls, not often even knowing how to honor and value it well!

If you could tell expectant mamas ONE thing, what would it be?

You already have all the knowledge you need WITHIN YOU! 

What made you step away from being an RN to working for yourself?

I stepped away from bedside nursing in 2019 after the birth of my daughter. My desires for wellness largely overshadowed my desires for sick-care. I trusted that my vision and passion for Women’s Wellness would show me my next path, and Sunrise Mama Wellness was born! I am now able to combine all of my training in herbalism, my training as a birth doula, my pediatric nurse training, and my gifts from my Source all into one place! It is the perfect blend of education, connection, flexibility, and extremely rewarding work I had been searching for!

Author’s note: Isn’t she just adorable?! Such a bright light!

What is something you’ve learned through motherhood that was unexpected?

Never doubting my instincts! Acknowledging and appreciating the knowledge of many mothers before me, but also validating and trusting my own knowledge gained through my own body, my own personal experiences, and my own babies! Also, trusting my babies! They have also been given a tremendous amount of wisdom in their tiny bodies! Rather than fighting the way their bodies have been designed, leaning into it, and honoring them as tiny little gifts to help me grow!

Now for some just for fun questions! 🙂 

What is your go-to coffee or tea order?

Oh, give me ALL the tea! But I would say my “go-to” would be a Ceremonial Cacao Chai or Matcha!

What is your favorite self-care product?

Essential Oils! For the aromatherapy and full-body wellness of plant medicine! 

One more thing! Tell us where we can find you online.

Please visit my website at You can always set up a free Meet & Greet Consultation to get to know more about me and to tell me more about you and your current life situation! Please also connect with me on social media! Facebook and Instagram @sunrisemamawellness I am always posting new information and videos to help you get to know how to access your divinely-designed internal rhythm!

Thank you so much, Addie, for sharing your wisdom with us! I had so much fun putting together this shoot with you. And another thanks to the gorgeous Terra Farms and Field for hosting us.

Talk to you soon!