The Quickel Family

The Quickel Family

Hey friends!

It’s been a minute, huh? A little update on me: I just started a new day job! This week and for the rest of the month it will be keeping me busy. However, it’s also one of the busiest photography seasons for me and I am PUMPED about it! My top priority will be getting galleries edited and sent out. I just did 3 last week so I feel like I can do anything.

Melanie was pregnant with Haddie (their youngest) when I met her, so I’m a bit awestruck that she will turn 3 next month!

What I would have done for that hair as a child!

Tip for photographers out there: Don’t think because they are young they can’t take your direction! Here I asked “Joel could you lift your chin up for me?” and he did great!

This is pretty much my imagery of what I think having four kiddos feels like. How did I do, Mel and Mark?

My favorite! The key here was keeping those kids moving and making it fun for everyone.

It’s not a bad idea to let your clients know ahead of time if you plan on having them do something a little more adventurous. Now whether or not they let their husband know is another story. 😉

Mark and Melanie have been married 15 years! Go them!

That’s all folks! I hope you have a stupendous weekend!

Grace Evans

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