Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

Hello friends!

Last weekend Mom and I took a quick trip to VA Beach! We pretty much kept away from people and did lots of reading and beach sitting. It was so good to just have a change of scenery. Obviously we did our best to stay safe, and healthy! I thought I’d share some photos I took while we were away.

This kind passerby let me take a picture of her sweet little dog. Isn’t she adorable! (also if this is your dog and you want me to send you the photo, I will!)

I brought with me a large stack of books! I finally got Mom to read the Hunger Games, but I let her decide if she wanted to read this one or the original trilogy first. She went with The Hunger Games first and has now read through all three.

This is my updated summer to-read list since I’ve finished my first stack already. I finished Salty Kisses shortly after returning home. It’s so good. If any of you grew up with the Christy Miller series, I’d highly recommend Christy and Todd’s Married and Baby years! They’re some of my favorite easy, encouraging reads.

P.S. These flipflops are now dead because my dog ate them.

The ocean is one of my favorite places on Earth. The salty spray is so refreshing, and the sound of the waves grounding.

This photo (above) is currently the background on my desktop!

Dog friendly beaches are the best beaches.

Here is Mama and me! I’m obsessed with this new swim top from Target.

We ate at a few yummy places during our short stay! These tacos are from Pelon’s Baja Grill and they were so yummy! Mom and I both have to eat gluten free for health reasons, and while I was a little disappointed that none of their seafood tacos were gf I was so happy with my food. She liked her churizo tacos as well.

Other notable food stops were: The Maple Tree Pancake House, and Abbey Road Restaurant.

The Maple Tree had amazing gluten free pancakes! There are quite a few restaurants that boast gf pancakes, we stopped at two, and this was my favorite!

Abbey Road Restaurant had lots of gluten free options including fried shrimp in a dedicated fryer! YAY! We had lots of seafood and split a gf brownie from their menu.

We stayed on Oceanfront within view of the Neptune sculpture! He’s pretty cool! We enjoyed that lots of things were walking distance, and there were paths for bikes, and walking.

We didn’t do a ton of shopping, but did encounter a store called Sea La Vie which was filled with lots of cute trinkets. I got some lovely earrings there. It’s a really lovely gift shop and has lots of items for beach and pet lovers. We visited Town Center but it was very spread out and a bit of a challenge to navigate. The Barnes and Noble was also very unique. We visited there, ate at the Cheesecake factory, and went back to the beach!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re all having happy, healthy summers! I’m so excited for the shoots I have lined up!

Just a reminder for those who love Fall photos (aka everyone), that schedule will fill up FAST. My October is almost all booked already, and September will go quickly, too! I’m planning to have some kind of special deal for September to celebrate 10 years of being in business!