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Our Wedding Part 3

All photos below by the delightful Brianna Wilbur Photography

Pro of getting married when you're older: I've known all but one of these girls for 10+ years. And the other is coming in close at 9 years, my sister-in-law. Having 5 of their children at the wedding was also a huge plus.

I'm so obsessed with how the mismatched look turned out! Which honestly surprised me cause I always thought I would be a matchy matchy bride.

I gave the option to be barefoot, all of which took this advantage except my MOHs who were in delightfully coordinating clogs.

We had two flower girls, Aurora (pictured) who is the daughter of one of my best friends, and Carolyn our niece (she wasn't feeling into photos).

I legit can't get over how grown up and beautiful she is!

My MOHs. I'm so amazed and thankful that Kenzie came all the way from New Zealand. The only job I gave her was to please come if she could manage it. Kristin did the best job as acting Matron of Honor, all while her baby was under a year old. I really have the most generous friends.

A moment for my brother yawning in the back of my most glamorous moment. hahaha

Our ring bearer was my Matron of Honor's middle son, Foster.

My brother and sis-in-law were also heroes of the day. I asked Shannon to be a stand in in case Kenzie couldn't make the wedding so we would still have even numbers during the ceremony. Luke stood in for a groomsman that was sick last minute. We were so glad to have them hang out with us all day.

This is an idea from my teenage Pinterest board, yes it is. The bride and groom and the mini us, I just love it.

Our cute frame is from Shutterfly.

Our handsome gentlemen! Our only request was black pants, white shirts, and we got them coordinating ties/suspenders with the woman they walked with. I love how the mix of colors and textures turned out.

Ceremony time! The cove at Grandview turned out so magically. There were yellow leaves fluttering. It was 70 degrees with a slight breeze. I looked around and saw all of our closest friends and family. Absolute heaven!

How precious are they!?

One of my bridesmaids led us in a time of worship to open. We sang Great Are You Lord, which is a song we sang at a Worship Night when we were first dating.

Brian, our pastor, had us face the guests the whole ceremony, which I loved! I think the guests appreciated it too! And it made for some really lovely moments.

Ugh, that arbor! My heart! We exchanged traditional vows (we had more personal letters to each other earlier in the day), and opted out of a unity symbol. Instead we shared communion. A wonderful friend from church handmade us gluten free rolls for communion and for our guests at dinner who needed it.

Surrounded by our bridal party and parents for prayer.

And just like that - husband and wife! Eee!

Highly recommend playing something super fun for walking up the isle. We chose "It's a Jungle Out There" aka the Monk theme song. We had watched the whole series while dating. It was the perfect mood after the seriousness and sacredness of the ceremony. Time to party!

Bestie gets the first hug.

To be continued in one more post - part 4!

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