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Our Wedding Part 4 (and Final!)

One more time, all photos by the charming Brianna Wilbur Photography!

I had such a vision for our reception. I was really excited to put it all together. It's something I've spent literally a decade planning!

I always wanted stacks of books for centerpieces and bud vases with white roses. It turned out so well! We used antique books that were from both sides of the family mixed with newer pretty hardbacks.

The reception was right inside this lovely space. It has screens all the way around so it really integrates the outdoors well!

Our wedding photographers captured so many beautiful photos of our guests during cocktail hour! It really made my day looking at them! Less people than I expected asked to take photos with us, so they are some of the only photos we got of some of our guests!

Another Pinterest favorite. Bittersweet since I had two deaths in my family the year we married. A con of getting married older was definitely the lack of family still living. Neither of us had grandparents attend.

Some of my favorite details - instax guestbook, our family crest, and bookmark favors.

We had table names instead of table numbers. All either literary or historic couples. I'll put a list at the bottom and I'd love to see if you can guess them all!

My mom helped me put together these little goodie bags for the little ones. They had a wedding coloring book, crayons, some jacks, a little stack of cards, ring pops. I wanted to be sure everyone had a good time and we had lots of children there! Probably 15 or so.

I did request that the bulk of the photos of just the two of us be taken after the ceremony. I wanted that fresh married look. I'm so glad, because the light was absolute perfection! And it gave us some down time between the ceremony and reception. We also snuck out for some golden hour shots in the vineyard so lots of photos of us!

First dances! We danced to Kiss Me by Sixpense None The Richer. My dad and I danced to the Father of the Bride version of The Way You Look Tonight. And hubby and his mom danced to a mix of Sweet Child of Mine and You'll Be In My Heart.

The youth pastor I had growing up prayed over our meal. We had The Festive Board cater and we couldn't have been happier with them! It was the hardest part to find a caterer, especially with all of my needs. We were thrilled with them and they sent us home with so many leftovers! We took a lot on our honeymoon. Our cake was salted caramel from Lancaster Cupcake. Our topper is from Etsy.

My besties' children, my family, his family (our families!!), and the friends from the Bible study we met at (which includes our wedding coordinator and DJ).

The Lancaster Cupcake truck was one of my (and our guests) favorite parts! We chose 5 yummy flavors, two of which were GF/V. It was such a hit!

We love Bri! Thank you for the most beautiful wedding photos ever! The only thing I would change photo wise is that I wish we had the budget for even MORE coverage. You just can never have enough! My other thought is I wish I had taken more photos WITH my guest. We had Bri's coverage end shortly after sunset so that we could be free to enjoy the rest of our evening and be with our guests! It was just lovely. This last shot is of us watching my parents dance (and win) the anniversary dance.

And just in case you haven't had quite enough of our best day....

Our gorgeous video by Isaiah Lapp

Oh and I almost forgot! For your guessing pleasure:

Lizzy & Mr. Darcy

Westley & Buttercup

Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe

Eowyn & Faramir

Beauty & the Beast

Daniel Boone & Rebecca

Teddy Roosevelt & Edith

Anne & Capt. Wentworth

Jo & Mr. Bhaer

Robin Hood & Maid Marian

Christy & Todd

Benedick & Beatrice

Sherlock & Irene

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